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Virtual Offerings Explained

As the world opens back up I'm planning on staying virtual with my yoga teaching and here is why...

Pre-pandemic Veronica taught yoga at 5 studios within my county and taught privates in my/student's homes. This led me to teaching15-20 yoga classes per week. It was exhausting. Once everything shut down in March 2020 I lost all of that. 2 weeks into shutdown I began teaching group classes virtually 5 days per week partially under the name Blissful Butterfly Yoga and partially under 2 studios. In March 2021 I began fully teaching virtual group classes solely as Blissful Butterfly Yoga. I became an E-500 RYT in 2020 and completed a Yoga Therapy Certification program in 2021. I plan to stay teaching virtually because I am my own boss, can set my own schedule, can reach a larger audience and can one day be mobile with an online platform. I charge what I am worth because I am highly educated in the field of Classical Yoga, am an experienced teacher and teaching puts food in my belly, a roof over my head and pays my bills. Sometimes I look at what others charge for yoga classes and I literally cannot do that. I feel bad but then I don't feel bad because the service I provide is worth what I charge. I'm currently working on embracing my worth without shame. What I bring to my weekly classes is a lighthearted, playful and trauma informed approach with planned out philosophical themes, and various practices from the 8 Fold Path of Yoga including but not limited to mindful movement and breathing exercises. I pour my heart into my planning and teaching. I also provide a weekly on theme Spotify playlist for classes that students can access if they have a Spotify account. Adding music can assist in making the movement a little more meditative and support in easing the busy mind into the eventual stillness yoga practices bring. Music is not required just an option I provide.

Full M-F schedule found at options ranging for beginners to more advanced practitioners.

All classes recorded and added regularly to the On Demand Video Library.

I also offer private virtual Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy sessions, reach out directly with any questions or for more information


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