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VinYin All Week

🌟A great way to naturally exude Asteya or Non-stealing, is to practice gratitude for it all.

💜This week to apply this concept in teaching I am voicing my appreciation for the balance of the masculine and feminine energies in each and every human being! It is not right to steal the masculine or the feminine away from ourselves regardless of our labels, parts or preferences. Within each of us we have these energies flowing. We should be seeking to honor and unite these energies within. To support this- all classes this week will be Vin/Yin Style!

🌟This means a little bit of strength followed by a little bit of surrender. The "Vin" of the vin and yin will be moderate hatha, nothing too intense. This is the masculine energy.

🕉Yin is a style of passive opening in extended holds, often with props, to get deep opening in the body. This style teaches students how to slow down. So have pillows, blankets, and blocks around. This is the feminine energy.

🌟Vin/Yin is one of my favorite styles to teach and my Friday Clouded Yellow Morning class is always Vin/Yin! That means plenty to choose from on my Yoga On Demand Channels if you can't come live but dig the format.

💜This is an important practice as we are approaching Spring. Let us be in winter's soft embrace a little while longer, don't rush off. This week we will bask in gratitude for it all with an energeticaly harmonizing physical practice.

☮️Note Thursday's Purple Spotted Morning will not change format.

Details on Livestream Classes and all offerings:

🌟link in bio on IG🌟


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