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Two March Soulhood Gatherings

💜This month there are 2 opportunities to join me virtually, along with a community of like-minded souls, for the monthly and quarterly Soulhood Circle Gatherings.

🌟These gatherings were born on the Winter Solstice 2021, when 17 Souls came together for a ritual burn ceremony. I led the ceremony, facilitating safe shares with the group and the burn which symbolized the release of what no longer served the Soul's in attendance highest goods.

💜The inspiration for these special monthly and quarterly events stemmed from the difficulties that I faced in my journey and the healing that I gained through sharing and connecting with groups of people.

🌟The Soulhood Circle Gatherings are ruled under loving kindness and compassion for all. The space is a safe haven for all who enter- regardless of their labels, parts, preferences, skin colors, religions, political parties or age. Differences are celebrated.

💜The space is one where all can feel seen, heard and supported. It's a time to laugh, cry, share, listen and hold space for one another without personal agendas. It's a community seeking members who resonate with this type of practice.

🌟All details about events and how to reserve your spot are found on Soulhood Circle Community tab of my website

🌟link in bio on IG🌟



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