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Each Thursday I will invite you to remember to pause and practice gratitude. Especially on the tough days it is so important take time to voice appreciation. This simple practice can improve overall outlook and lighten your load. All too often we only think/talk about the things that we don't like, that we can't stand, that are driving us nuts.... then guess what.... we get more of those stressful things! If we begin to think/talk about what we are grateful for, then guess what.... we start to receive more things/situations to be grateful for! These things can be simple, there are no official rules of what you can or cannot be grateful for.


I am hoping to create community, support and conversation so please share a comment below with 3 things that you are grateful for!


I will start, I am grateful for 1. The fresh air in my lungs. 2. The steady earth below my feet. 3. The beating heart in my chest that keeps me alive.


Now it's your turn! Go!!


To practice Yoga with me virtually visit website for M-F group class schedule and On Demand Video Library:



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