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Rainbow Moon Experience

✨️Although I have no photographic evidence, I taught a lovely class by the pond @rainbowmoonfest yesterday. The experience was quite interesting and exactly as it was meant to be....which included me being brave and holding off some angry geese who were pissed that there were humans hanging by their pond. I literally was a body guard protecting students from a hissing goose so they could rest in Svasana.

💜All in all yesterday was a day filled with messengers, synchronicities, old friends, new friends, sweet sound baths, music, dancing, bubbles and lots of smiles. It was truly an honor to have gotten the chance to be a part of the class/workshops lineup this year. It's a lovely community who runs the event. I'm so proud of myself for breaking out of my comfort zone and making it happen to be a part of it more officially.

✨️I got to watch myself and see how much I've shifted and changed over the past year. I even miraculously found my new tiara- topped with angel aura quartz, pictured here. It's quite a step up from the head crown I lost last year at another festival.

💜All signs are pointing to the fact that I am on the right track and to just keep going. I have no idea what is next on my journey, but sense some change on the horizon. Bring it on Universe, this Queen is ready and filled with gratitude.


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Membro desconhecido
17 de jul. de 2022

Yes beautiful soul! I hope you do it again next year too I will be there for sure

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