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No Livestream This Week


💜I'm taking time off from teaching until the day after Labor Day to get clear on my message and do some behind the scenes work which includes more self-care time.

🌟 Caregivers: it is mandatory and necessary to take time for you so that you don't experience Compassion Fatigue.

💜Don't let your practice fall away when I take a sure to utilize the On Demand video library hosted through the awesome @ribbonexperiences online platform. I have over 100 hatha yoga classes for various experience levels available for rent, themed on a plethora of Classical Yoga philosophy concepts along with links to on theme Spotify playlists.

🕉Curious but worried about "doing it wrong" virtually? Guess what: I've been told by several students that a strength of mine is verbally directing/cuing and making classes easy to follow. So simply listen to my voice, follow along, do your best and let go of the rest.

🦋Visit website for details.

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