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Magical Mystery

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The Universe is a magical minx. Yesterday when I handed out my first business card a butterfly flew by. I then told everyone who saw this happen my business name and that that was the first card I had handed out since I received my C-IAYT credentials. Super exciting to receive a confirmation that has the ability to tap us into the magical mystery of life. On one side it's exceptionally beautiful, on the other it's extremely scary. I am getting messages from Spirit that I am on the right track, yet there is a human part in me full of judgments and expectations that stem from a material world mindset of "how things should be" and a "Do more. Be more" script ingrained in my mind. I constantly wrangle my humanness to be able to see things as they are and soften around reality without forcing "shoulds" or hiding in denial when I don't like something. I practice trusting in the abundant flow of the Universe and knowing that I am supported.

To be able to do this for myself I have slowly built up a tolerance for sitting still 15 minutes per day to connect to the quiet stillness within. It took me almost 20 years of yoga practice to be able to sit still regularly for 15 minutes. This shit is hard. I started yoga in my 20s with a heated power practice then shifted to Vinyasa. Both physical challenges and got me out of my noisy mind. Then over time my practice