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Layers of Our Being

💜This month has been all about Saucha, purity/cleanliness and this week is focused specifically on Yogic Nutrition for the entire being, using the Koshas as a lens. All of the layers of our being are connected and affect one another. When we care for, cleanse and purify the body it supports cleansing the other layers. The opposite is also true- when we ingest chemicals regularly it mucks up the works of all of our layers. Step by step Saucha invites us to clean up what we feed ourselves on all levels.

✨️Pictured here are very basic explanations of the Koshas. They are a way to start to think about your overall wellness and how to support yourself through being mindful of how body affects breath, affects senses, affects emotions, affects the mind, affects the Spirit and backwards is also true. Nourish your Spirit and you automatically nourish all other parts of you.

💜If you are interested in checking out a variety of Hatha Yoga classes with me, Livestream or anytime through my Yoga On Demand Channels, visit my website for


🌟I also offer monthly safe share spaces on Zoom called Soulhood Circle Gatherings. In addition I'm a Certified Yoga Therapist and offer virtual private Yoga Therapy sessions OR personalized videos made just for you.


💜All details:

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