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Laugh, Cry, Self-care

💜I attempted to make today my bitch but this full moon energy has got me feeling quite overwhelmed, on top of the added challenge of supporting a 3 child and 3 dog home while the parents are away.

✨️I've mis-communicated all weekend and had an abundance of human "mistake" moments, including dropping my flatbread face down on the kitchen floor after excitingly awaiting its completion for my dinner.

💜My recent experiences carting around 3 children (2 high schoolers and 1 elementary schooler ) living their best lives has me feeling for parents out there. I don't know how it is done full-time, and without the support of an entire village. Logistics go from 0-110 back to 0 in the blink of an eye, my head is spinning a bit.

✨️Actively working on staying light and laughing about how comical this all is, later I may cry.

💜Luckily in the middle of a 0 moment today I carved out some me time and picked up a few sweet new crystals from a shop Earth Wind Fire and Ice in Chadds Ford, PA.

✨️ Self-care is crucial to maintain balance especially as a caregiver of any kind. Be sure to carve out time for you and check out my Livestream Weekly Schedule for group Hatha Yoga classes and my On Demand video library to get centered with me anytime. Or if you need 1:1 TLC schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call to learn more about Yoga Therapy sessions.

💜All details

✨️link in bio on IG



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