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It's Ok To Cry

💜I cried my little heart out this week moments before I took this selfie. It's not my typical shiny smile, because I wasn't feeling very shiny.

✨️I had my first 1:1 coaching call with my Business Mentor and it led me to ultimately see that I have some deep seeded issues around my worthiness.

💜Worthiness is a theme connected to the 3rd chakra,  also pictured here. I realized that my Mentor pushed some buttons in me that hit wounds that I wasn't aware still needed some healing.

✨️So I cried. I moved my body on my yoga mat after our session. I cried some more. I breathed.  I cried. Then I picked myself up and took a walk outside to ground myself in nature, also pictured here.

💜I am sharing this because I want you to know what healing and growth looks like. It's not always pretty,  linear, or predictable. In fact it's hard, messy and can be draining at times. Also- the work is never done.

✨️The magic comes in how we treat ourselves as we move through the healing without resisting the process. Wisdom is gained when we support ourselves in healthy ways to process the energetic, emotional and mental wounds that lie hidden dormant until they are "triggered." Hope lies in honoring our needs with loving kindness and compassion while trusting that the messiness will pass, it's just a phase.

💜In the end when you process the feelings without stuffing/denying/numbing, the wound is cleansed, the limiting beliefs released and then the true healing happens.

✨️This is the kind of work I support my Yoga Therapy students with. I do the work too. I hope you found this helpful in some way.

💜Schedule a free 30 min YT Discovery Call if interested in learning how to work 1:1  with me in Yoga Therapy.


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