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Gratitude Check

💜A big thank you to everyone who has checked in on me. I'm feeling very loved and appreciative of the energetic support. 

✨️It has been an extremely interesting experience being forced to truly take care of myself over these past 2 weeks, which involved canceling 6 group classes, an outdoor event, private childcare sessions and rescheduling my Yoga Therapy students.

💜What's been happening with me... last Wednesday evening, the 12th, I spent 9 hours in the ER exploring severe belly pain. I left without answers but with signs pointing to GI issues and have follow up appointments scheduled.  Luckily I have 2 of the best mom friends in the world who had me covered getting me to and from the ER.

✨️I recovered from the belly pain and then tested positive for covid Wednesday the 19th. This is my 1st experience with the virus. I believe I am on the milder side of things. The symptoms have been a slow creep in their intensity but I'm holding hope they've hit their peak.

💜It's not easy having to "let everyone down" with canceling everything (or so says my ego voice). Luckily my Highest Self knows that I would really be letting everyone down if I didn't give myself the tender love and care that I deserve to support my healing. 

✨️That TLC for my tummy has involved getting back to consistency with a low fodmap diet and beginning back a castor oil pack regimen that had fallen off. Care for the viral symptoms have included, just to name a few, healing frequency music, crystals, naps, window gazing, toast, soup, tea, fresh ginger, lemon, maple syrup and stepping outside my door to bask in sunshine and autumn's glory while getting my feet on the Earth. 

💜The old me would've been fearful and judgmental of it all going down as it has these past couple weeks. The current me is observant, compassionate and gracefully riding the waves. I know this storm won't last forever and I trust that I am supported by the Universe. I am greatful for my overall wellness and the supportive Souls who I am lucky enough to know in this life.

✨️Accepting all healing vibes and good energies to support my kicking this nasty virus, thank you in advance.


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