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Fresh Start

How do you anchor yourself during moments of discomfort? Do you have a regular practice that assists you in down regulation/finding internal harmony? Many people have no idea how to calm the nervous system and live in a perpetually heightened state which leads to burnout. Yoga practices such as movement, breathing, visualization and meditation can assist you in dealing with stress, emotional disregulation, and racing thoughts. If you are curious about implementing a practice- attending a class led by a knowledgeable teacher is a good starting point. I am an experienced yoga teacher, on my way to becoming a Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, and I recorded an all levels, beginner friendly Yoga class on New Year's Day. I'm offering a recorded link for a donation. If interested in access to this very heartfelt inspirational class email me for details

New Year = Fresh Start. A wonderful opportunity to begin a new self care habit.

Offer for New Year's Day class access ends 1/3/21.


New 2021 Live Virtual Schedule Begins January 4th

M- 6-7:15pm Adonis Blue Flow- intermediate strong hatha with a dash of vinyasa

T- 9:30-10:45am Blissful Morning- intermediate strong hatha with dash of vinyasa. Hosted through Live In Joy Yoga.

W- 6:30-7:30pm Sleepy Orange Evening- beginners/all levels - gentle hatha with dash of vinyasa.

Th- 10-11:15am Vin/Yin- all levels- gentle and Yin. Hosted through Live In Joy Yoga.

F- 8-9am Monarch Morning Flow- all levels- moderate hatha a dash of vinyasa.

All classes EST and broadcast through Zoom. Recorded links offered for M/W/F classes. Drop in's $13 via Venmo. Spotify Playlist offered for classes.


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