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Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

I will be a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2 months. I have been studying Comprehensive Yoga Therapy through YogaLife Institute for the past 3 years.  You might wonder what is Comprehensive Yoga Therapy? It's a therapeutic process of applying all aspects of the classical Yoga tradition,  not just Hatha Yoga (physical techniques), based on programs of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai,  India. The practices of the classical Yoga traditions are aimed to assist individuals in finding balance/harmony in all aspects of their lives.  The experience of working with a Yoga Therapist turns the process of Yoga as a tool for healing into a personalized one tailored to individual needs. The Comprehensive Yoga Therapy approach supports individuals in making personal choices in efforts to move towards vitality and health in using Yoga as a way to establish overall well-being. Practices include movements, breathing, sensory mastery exercises,  mental techniques, education on lifestyle principles, and self study- all rooted in classical Yoga philosophy.

In the simplest of terms- Yoga Therapy aids in stress reduction by bringing a state of balance and harmony to body, breath,  emotions, thinking mind and Spirit.  This is an active practice for the student/client in which they steer the ship and the yoga therapist shines a light on a treasure map. Any change or growth takes time and this is no different,  it's a process of self discovery through the discipline of Yoga. Each person seeks something different from Yoga Therapy, somethings might be: pain reduction, stress relief,  anxiety relief, inner peace,  healthier nutrition choices,  work/life balance, the list goes on.

If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more about Yoga Therapy and what it can do for you please reach out to me directly

I am currently offering Virtual sessions. 

**some above information was taken from my Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Manual**


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