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All The Feels

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The thing about having a Bhakti heart is that I feel everything very intensely. My highs are high, my lows are low. I work on allowing all the emotions to flow. Yesterday and today were days of moving some heavy feelings... and thats ok. I do the work to care for myself through them so that I can still show up for my students, little angels, and friends even when I'm not feeling the brightest. I remember it's all love, it's all divine, it's all a lesson in disguise and this too shall pass.

If you feel called to practice with me virtually I teach Classical Yoga philosophy infused classes in a lighthearted, playful and trauma informed way.

I offer a variety of hatha yoga classes Livestream EST and have an On Demand video library of past classes so you can practice with me anytime.


M- 6: 30pm Adonis Blue Evening, Intermediate Strong Hatha


T- 9:15am Red Admiral Morning, Intermediate Strong Hatha


W- 7pm Sleepy Orange Evening, beginner friendly Gentle Hatha


Th- 9:15am Purple Spotted Morning, beginner friendly half nourishing movement half breathing, meditation, relaxation techniques.


F- 10am Clouded Yellow Morning, beginner friendly. Vin/Yin style half gentle strengthening, half passive opening.


Full class descriptions and all details on virtual offerings.

🌟link in bio🌟


Im also an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, if interested in learning how to bring Yoga more deeply into your life to promote your overall wellness reach out.


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