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Yin to Your Yang

Here is an example, in case you might be curious, of what the evolution of a posture could look like in a Yin practice. This video is purposefully short and typically this process would take a bit longer. Each pose will also look different for each student. Yin is a yoga style where poses are held longer, where muscular engagement is released, and one has time to tune into what the body needs in order to find more ease - not necessarily easy or comfortable to do. It's different from an active practice. Not better, not worse- different. Each of us needs to find balance between effort and ease within our lives. If you see this and think "I could use some of that in my life" then hear the call and get yourself some Yin. My Thursday afternoon class always has the 2nd half of class Yin style.


Thursday's at 1pm EST join me for Virtual Vin/Yin hosted through Live In Joy Yoga in Audubon NJ.

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I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

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