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Why Blissful Butterfly

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Why Blissful Butterfly Yoga? The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, leaving your old conditioned self behind and embracing the Bliss body/Spirit/Highest Self. This part of you is playful and I like to think of it as the inner child. To find this part you must be loving, kind, and curious in your exploration...key themes in my teaching style. The world told us who to be as children and the work that we do as adults on a spiritual path is unlearning all of that and learning instead how to connect with the inherent wisdom that lives within, the internal compass. To do this work we must allow judgment and expectation to fall away. Its imperative to realize that we are spiritual beings, that how we think, speak and act matters. How we treat ourselves and others is the definition of who we are in any given moment. We must choose to live our lives awake, aware and steeped in integrity. The work that each individual puts in on discovering their most authentic selves, will be a gift to everyone in their lives. What I bring to my teaching is Classical Yoga philosophy tied in with the physical practices that most think of when they hear Yoga. The original Yogis were truth seekers on a hunt for Ultimate Reality. Yoga is an ancient 8 Fold Path laid out to assist practitioners in finding their Highest Selves. I teach under the first 2 core virtues of that path: #1. Do no harm/cultivation of loving kindness and compassion in thought, word and deed for self first then all others. #2. Live truthfully in thought, word and deed. This means seeing things as they are, not as we wish them to be. Embracing it all, including the shadowy parts of ourselves and consciously choosing to be better for the benefit of the highest good for all. Yoga begins with mindset, then moves into the rest of it. In group hatha yoga classes I tie in philosophical concepts in a generalized way so students learn the true depths of Yoga. In Yoga Therapy sessions I personalize the approach for the individual in front of me. To learn more about what I offer in regards to virtual group hatha classes and 1:1 Yoga Therapy peruse full website

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