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What Is Yoga Off The Mat?

💜The average human who hears the word “yoga” has many different stereotypes that pop into their minds.

✨I’m here in an attempt to break those minds open to understanding the true depths of what yoga is and how it can support people in living more at ease in their body, mind and ultimately more connected with their Spirit.

💜My most recent yoga training was in Comprehensive Yoga Therapy (CYT) at YogaLife Institute, where I studied at for 3 years. The curriculum of the program was rooted in Classical Yoga Philosophy. During my time in the CYT program at YogaLife I learned how to take ancient teachings and apply them to my life to support my overall balance and wellness. Now I help others to do the same in Yoga Therapy sessions.

✨If the writing in the slides has peaked your interest and you want to learn more about how Yoga Therapy can support your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, reach out today to schedule your free Yoga Therapy Discovery Call.

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