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Cultivate a regular at home yoga practice with a Yoga Therapist guide...

✨One of the goals with my weekly live online classes is to make them all accessible and less intimidating to those who may be curious to give yoga a try- all of my classes are beginner friendly and have gentle edges.

💜Another goal is to sew in non-dogmatic spirituality to remind students that yoga is indeed a spiritual practice- meant to yoke together mind, body and soul.

✨Time on the mat is meant to love on your body and to care for the vessel of the soul. This is in an effort to support the body in being in optimal shape to carry you through the rest of your life. A regular yoga practice has so many benefits, which include anxiety relief, depression relief and pain relief.

💜If you are interested in checking out an accessible class, 1st one is on me with code ‘1FREE’ at check out.

✨All details under All Offerings, Online Yoga Classes


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