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Pure Mind in Practice

✨️For the past 3 weeks I have been talking about Saucha, purity/cleanliness, in my classes. As per how it usually goes, what I teach is then highlighted for practice in my life.

💜This week I'm specifically talking about and practicing purity of the mind. I was gifted with a day today where I truly got to focus on this by relaxing on my porch, listening to cicadas, catching up on astrological updates, checked in on a few friends, ate healthy yummy food, drank tea and lots of water, read from the Upanishads, meditated, took time to focus on my breath, and taught a sweet gentle class at 7pm.

✨️I'm all zaaaad out so to speak and enjoying every moment of it. Giving my mind time to chill and feeding it nourishing things on this sweet summer day has been such a gift. This then helps me to show up more centered for those I serve through teaching and friendship.

💜If you'd like some of this sweet energy be sure to join me livestream Thursday at 9:15am for Purple Spotted Morning and Friday at 10am for Clouded Yellow Morning. Both all levels classes, great for beginners and those looking to care for their bodies and chill out their minds in accessible ways.

✨️All details on Livestream Classes tab

✨️link in bio on IG✨️


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