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Following Your Intuition

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I followed my intuition and it led me here...not one mistep along the way. All the falls, all the breaking, crumbling, burning away of those things that did not serve my highest good....Led me to the picking up, dusting off, rebuilding, reimagining of how expansive my heart could become and how blessed my life could be. 6 years ago I moved to NJ. 4 years ago I had a mental breakdown and considered ending my life. In that same year I left a fiance, lost a house, lost step children, was laid off from my full time job, yoga training I was in got canceled and I lost my car in an accident.... During all of the shattering one thing got me through- that was my Yoga practice. When everything fell apart I went to live in an Ashram and decided to follow a dream to become a Yoga Therapist, 3 weeks ago I achieved that dream. I guess I'm sharing this because I want you to know that following your intuition to be in connection with your Highest Self isn't easy, is quite scary and very messy. However, when you get to the other side every single thing that happened makes complete sense and you wouldn't want it any other way. If you are interested in practicing yoga from the comfort of your own home with me leading you see details below. This week is all about tuning into your intuition and wisdom center.

☮🌟💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜🌟☮ Thursday's at 10am EST join me for Virtual Vin/Yin. A 75 minute all levels. Half gentle heat building hatha/vinyasa followed by half cooling surrender yin. Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required 🌟Class details and full schedule found at 🌟"Livestream Classes" Tab 🌟link in bio on IG

🦋💖🌟 No worries if you can't make class time- I now have an On Demand video library with all weekly classes uploaded after class ends! Visit "Video Library" tab on website. Videos can be rented individually or you can purchase a monthly subscription. 🦋💖🌟

🎶 Sweet Spotify playlist offered for classes, new one created weekly to connect with theme visit "Spotify Playlist" tab on website to follow me🎶

Questions? Message ☮🌟💜🌟🕉🦋🕉🌟💜🌟☮

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