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Cleansing Tears

As always my life is on point with the class themes. This week it's all about Saucha- cleanliness and purification.  This past weekend I cried for 2 days straight. At the end of the second day I realized that my soul was cleansing some deep wounds. Wounds which have been touched by almost a year of extreme isolation and loneliness.  I share this because the path to the Highest Self is not always pretty or easy. You gotta feel to heal friends. If tears well up then let them roll. Allow emotions to flow instead of bottling them up, where they become stagnant and poison. One way or another those emotions are going to make their way out- why not release through the eyes- the windows to the soul- and move towards a more pure version of yourself. Trust that whatever is happening is ultimately for your highest good and that you will not be swept away in the undertow. Instead you will learn your true strength and resilience as you rise to the top after the last tear falls. Rainbows only come after the rain, let your tears water the seeds of the person you are becoming.


Friday's at 8am EST join me for Virtual Monarch Morning Flow. A 60 minute all levels practice. Modifications given for beginners.

Want to practice with me but cannot make class time? Simply send payment with your email address before class start and I will send you a recorded class link that expires 24 hours after you receive it.

All class details found at

Online classes tab.

I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

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