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Caregiver Support

The way we get Blissful Butterfly Kids is by taking care of ourselves so that we can be our best for the little ones.

The truth is children between the ages of 2-7 are illogical, outrageous and aren't developmental able to understand their behavioral impact.

It is our job as the caregivers to teach the children how to express themselves and their emotions appropriately and safely. In order to do this as the adults we must set the example, practice patience, stay present, and do our best to respond in loving and kind ways always.

This can be difficult in the moment when a child is literally yelling at you about how you are wrong and they are right. 3 year olds specifically are very much in their Ego independence phase. Don't let their words fool you, inside they really are not trying to hurt you. If you feel triggered by their actions, behaviors or words- learn how to step back, process your feelings and then respond to the child after you've recalibrated. You basically co-regulate, if you want a calm child you exude peace and show them how it's done.

Perhaps you don't know how to do this, or are struggling with a behavior and would like some support from someone who's been around the block in direct care with both special needs and typically developing children in the early years. Well I'm here to help.

I have worked with small children for almost 20 years in a professional manner and am opening up myself as a resource for parents struggling with how to respond to children in moments that are overwhelming such as during tantrums or displays of aggressive behaviors. I am actively working on putting together services such as “coffee chats” with parents or caregivers where we just talk a little about what is going on with their little one and see if I have any insights , ideas, suggestions, or points in the right direction for possible added supports for the family.

I will also offer things like personalized social stories for little ones about starting preschool, going potty, what to do when I feel upset, and any other topics caregivers are looking for. Additionally I will offer myself to put together personalized kits for children such as sensory bins. To learn more about me visit and peruse

🌟link in bio on IG 🌟

Also be sure to follow my budding Instagram page @blissfulbutterflykids


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