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DIR/Floortime Caregiver Tips

🌟Tips from my DIRFloortime/Relationship Based Therapist days: 💜Get down on child's level during play or when redirecting be right there with the child in the moment. 🌟Caregivers can feel like broken records with constant "No", "Don't do that" , etc but never give the child alternatives. Realize kind, patient, consistency is how children learn. They won't pick it up after one time, it's a process. 💜Reduce saying "no" all the time to small children. Find other ways to teach them what it is you would like them to do. Stay present, playful, loving, kind and consistent. 🌟If child is verbal use gentle reminders for safety and pause while saying it to make room for them to repeat "the rules" if they choose to. Before this video I asked the little guy the rules we layed out earlier (because he got a water bead up his nose) and he was able to tell me, which means he understood. Another thing I did at one point was lift the container up, removing his access to repeat rules when he was unable to regulate aka attempted several times to put face in bin/throw beads. 💜Always tell children you want them to do instead of always what you don't want them to do. If child is pre-verbal or non-verbal: one verbal directive then all others non-verbal such as in pointing, head nodding or gentle physical prompts (example: If child is repeatedly putting crayons in mouth, make eye contact with child, shake your head "no" and gently direct child's hand/crayon out of mouth and point to paper to draw. This is to support a communicative skill called "refrencing and coordinating"). 🌟Not heard here: Always praise the child with verbals, hugs, tickles, etc after they are successful with redirection. This improves chances for future sucess in following safety rules, aka "coordination." 🦋Also be mindful of your own expectations around the child's play experience. Sometimes the things you present are a blast and sometimes they are a disaster. Stay light, don't take it personally, have a backup plan. ☮️Simple sensory activities seen here: Glow light up balls, camera bubble machine, water bead ocean adventure sensory bin, kinetic sand sensory bin. 🌌Follow @blissfulbutterflykids on IG for Tips and tricks with little ones with big feelings. Early Childhood Caregiver Support Resource Services in the works. Stay tuned. To learn about me visit 🌟link in bio on IG🌟 ☮️🌍💜🌌🕉🦋🕉🌌💜🌍☮️ #blissfulbutterfly #blissfulbutterflyyoga #blissfulbutterflykids #yoga #parentresource #parentsupport #mindfulparenting #spiritualparenting #compassionateparenting #consciousparenting #toddlerlife #bigfeelings #emotionalregulation #earlychildhood #doitdifferently #dirfloortime #coregulation #emotionalregulation #emotionalhealth #staycalm #staypresent #intention #mindfulness #love #compassion #selfcare #selflove #havefun #sensorybins #sensoryactivities

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