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The rEVOLution Is Here

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The heart is ruled by the element of air. Air is invisible to the eye, yet powerful. Same goes for the power of love. It's all pervasive. When humans attempt to confine love by limiting it to a chosen few this is when hatred and bigotry arise stemming from fear of that which is "different." Love has no limits on who is worthy of receiving it. If you are alive on planet earth, if you are an animal (human included), insect, or plant on this planet you are worthy of being loved. Humans specifically, because of our evolved consciousness, are able to also reciprocate that love. Some would say other species of animals also display the ability to reciprocate love, and I would agree. The problem that happened with humans is that in their realization of themselves as individuals through consciousness they were blinded in their awareness of the interconnectedness of all things in nature. Humans then decided to use the removal of love as a weapon, by deeming certain individuals unworthy on the basis of personal opinions, which has caused deep damage in the hearts of many. This feeds the divide between us through ingrained systems that fuel inequality, injustice, a mental health crisis, a healthcare crisis, a spiritual health crisis, an environmental crisis, and economic crisis, a political crisis, an education crisis, a food industry crisis, the list goes on. Humans in general forget that at our core we are all the same. We come here to this planet all with certain inalienable rights- one of those is to love and be loved.

Another factor in this occurring is when the masculine and feminine energies became out of balance at large. Humans became human-doings and forgot how to be human-beings. Our world has been ravaged by the overwhelming rule of masculine energy. The masculine out of control is seen as controlling, competitive, power hungry, and aggressive.This has kept many in a "go, go, go, judge, judge, judge", "different is bad" and "more is better" mindset. This keeps many "asleep" and unaware of their true nature.

How this can begin to be resolved, to bring in more balance and harmony among us, is by each human-being learning how to make space for themselves to practice self-love and self-acceptance. This involves healing the wounded inner child. This involves shadow work. This involves messy, dirty, ugly crying. This involves shedding all old patterns of behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. This involves sitting with yourself in a 100% curious, open space and discovering what makes you tick, asking yourself questions when you behave in ways that are out of alignment with your Spirit. This involves asking yourself why you do the things you do. This involves holding yourself accountable. This involves taking credit for mistakes you've made. This involves forgiveness of yourself and anyone who has hurt you in the past. This involves acceptance of things as they are, not as you wish them to be. This involves doing all of this with loving kindness and compassion for every part of yourself just as you are. This involves a lot of work!

Each and every moment of every day you are invited to show up for yourself and in turn, to show up as your best self for those in your life. This is how collective healing can occur, by each of us doing the work.

If each human being on Earth learned how to do this work, then there would be a much different world. From the start children would be taught about cultivation of loving kindness and compassion for themselves and all beings. Children would be taught that God is within them and within everything in nature connected through a Divine thread of love. Children would be taught acceptance of themselves and others just as they are. This would bring in the Feminine energies of intuition, flow, creativity, kindness, ease, grace and allowing. This would combat the imbalances at large and begin to reshape our systems and ways of being. Certain ways of living in hatred would become intolerable- as you see it's already happening in the rise of Black Lives Matter, Stop Asain Hate and the LGBTQ Rights movements, just to name a few.

Your presence is requested at the meeting of the heart-centered movement led by Love for all. Kindness and compassion for all. It's time to come together and remember we are all on this planet together. Not one of us is better than the other. Our differences make us dynamic and beautiful as a species. Some are quite ill emotionally/mentally/spiritually. They need love and understanding too. There is a rEVOLution of love that is happening on Earth. The key to joining is in asking yourself big questions like "Why am I here?" and "Who am I really?" To get answers to those questions you need to learn how to slow down, to go within, to spend time with yourself, to remember your connection to all that is, and to take care of yourself on all levels (body, energy, senses/emotions, intellect/intuition, Spirit)...

This will then open the door to wisdom within yourself. This will allow you to tap into the flow of Universal love that is within you and around you. This love is available to anyone who seeks it.

When I talk about Yoga as a mindset this is what it means = we are all one. The power of love can set you free and make you more expansive than you've ever imagined. The time of ignoring your inner intuitive knowing is over. The time of putting your self-care on the back burner is over. The time of living in fear and hatred is over. The time of embracing yourself in love is now. The time of embracing all of life in love is now. The time to awaken to our true nature on a massive scale and come together as a human race is here. If you read this and it resonates- you have already begun the journey! Once awakened you cannot go back to sleep. All are welcome here 💚 Thanks for taking the time to read this. Love to you all.


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Jun 09, 2021

all true!! thank you for writing and sharing more love sister!!

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