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Spectrum Tween Yoga

🌍Today I wore my favorite sweatshirt to meet my newest tween student for our first Yoga Therapy session together. When I arrived she spotted my shirt and told me she has the same one! It was simply a magical moment which led to a pretty fabulous time together. Our session intentions were "Peace, love and joy" so suffice it to say I carried that energy with me the rest of the day.

☮️I am honored to have been recommended to this student's family. It is a synchronistic match, the 2 of us together. I say that because it turns out that she's a high function child on the Spectrum and my background is in relationship based therapy with children on the Spectrum.

🌟My child mental health therapist days ended in 2017 and I haven't had the chance much to be around Spectrum kids. What today gave me back was a spark that I hadn't felt for a long time. I know for certain that I possess a gift in connecting with individuals on the Spectrum, there is just something about our interactions that feels so meant to be, today was just like that.

💜When I started my Yoga Therapy training in 2018 I had intentions of bringing Yoga Therapy to children on the Spectrum and to their caregivers. This intention kind of fell away, as I had only had one opportunity during my training to work with a child on the Spectrum as a case study. I completed my certification in June 2021 had honestly stopped focusing on that specific goal, but then was introduced to this new very special soul and it's reignited something within me. I'm excited to see this newest bud blossom!

🕉 If you or someone you know has a tween on the Spectrum that you feel might benefit from applying the practices of yoga in a therapeutic manner, or if you are a caregiver/group of caregivers who could benefit from applying yoga de-stress tools in your life- please reach out. For children's sessions I will travel to do them in person at your home, for groups of caregivers such as teachers I will also travel to do the sessions.

🦋Reach out directly to learn more or to run ideas that this post may have sparked in you by me:

🌟See more about me and what I offer at

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