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Spectrum Tween Yoga

🌍Today I wore my favorite sweatshirt to meet my newest tween student for our first Yoga Therapy session together. When I arrived she spotted my shirt and told me she has the same one! It was simply a magical moment which led to a pretty fabulous time together. Our session intentions were "Peace, love and joy" so suffice it to say I carried that energy with me the rest of the day.

☮️I am honored to have been recommended to this student's family. It is a synchronistic match, the 2 of us together. I say that because it turns out that she's a high function child on the Spectrum and my background is in relationship based therapy with children on the Spectrum.

🌟My child mental health therapist days ended in 2017 and I haven't had the chance much to be around Spectrum kids. What today gave me back was a spark that I hadn't felt for a long time. I know for certain that I possess a gift in connecting with individuals on the Spectrum, there is just something about our interactions that feels so meant to be, today was just like that.