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Peace Within

If you want peace in the world you must cultivate it within yourself first. This type of work takes time, patience and preservence. It is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who want a quick fix. Only through digging into our own ego, fear, resentments, attachments, and belief systems will the individual be able to show up as a centered being. A being who stands peacefully amongst the chaos like the eye of the storm. A being who can contribute fruitfully to the whole of humanity. Each of us has a gift to bring. The only way you will know your gift is if you take time to go within- slow down, breathe mindfully, face your internal darkness, and allow your intuitive heart to blossom. Allow Divine light to move through you- tap into your soul. Ram Dass said that the soul is made up of wisdom, joy, compassion and love. Can you find that part in yourself? Then remember that all beings have that Divine spark...and that we are all connected through that light.

Dig deep into the Self, embrace the totally of who you are with wisdom, joy, compassion and love. Then allow that energy to radiate from you as you bring your unique gifts into the world.

Drawing by me, my newest creative endeavor.


If you don't know how to start the process of going within to cultivate this peace- Yoga is a great practice with a lot of tools. Check out my website to see what I offer or reach out directly with questions.


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