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Movement Is Medicine

💜I often tell my students who are stuck in stagnant energy: "See movement as medicine. "

✨️In order to gain the benefits of consistent movement you need to push through any resistance and simply do the thing that you know is good for you.

💜I've been on my yoga journey for 20+ years now and I'm so grateful for 20 something me who started moving her body consistently. I attribute much of my trauma healing to care of my body through movement.

✨️To support individuals stuck in stagnant energy I offer accessible live online group yoga classes. They are suitable for beginners to more advanced students.

💜First class is on me with code 1FREE.

🕉If you begin to consistently move your body 1-2 times per week for 3 months it will change your life. See my monthly memberships on Pricing tab of website to invest in your wellness today.

✨️Check out all details:



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