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Members Only Spiritual Forum

🌟I am excited to announce the newest edition for students who practice with me in group classes or private YogaTherapy, gather with me monthly/quarterly for Soulhood Circles, or become client's of my future parent support services :

🦋A Members Only Spiritual Forum on my website! Consider this the behind the scenes space where members of the Blissful Butterfly Yoga Community can share, discuss and support one another.

💜Categories of Forum groups are: General Health Issues, Hairloss, Healthy Living, Inspiration Drop, Magical Shit, Mental Health and Parenting Early Years.

🌟All categories subject to change. Ideas welcome. Member rules are: be nice or I remove you from the community.

☮Also once my website is fully integrated from my current platform to Wix (which is in the works as I write this) the Fit by Wix app will make it easy for members to book, do virtual classes live/recorded, chat, connect and share all from their phone.

🌟link for the Blissful Butterfly Yoga Mobile App in Bio on IG 🌟

💜Stay Tuned! If you practice with me regularly go create a member log in on "Members Only" Tab and I'll grant you permissions for Spiritual Forum. Once integration is complete paying customer will automatically have access!

🕉If you are a site member but don't currently pay for services you get access to a private "Inspiration Station" page that I created to spread joy and love for free.

🦋All about me and what I offer to heal the hearts of humanity found at

🌟link in bio on IG 🌟


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