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Ego vs Spirit

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Ego says- I need to be more than what I am.

Spirit says- I am enough as is.

Ego says- Success is measured by notoriety, money, power.

Spirit says- Success is measured by your ability to spread loving kindness in whatever way shows up to be of service, there is no price tag.

Ego says- I must avoid discomfort at all costs.

Spirit says- I must learn to sit with discomfort and know that nothing in the physical world will last forever.

Ego says- I am lesser than because I don't have what others do.

Spirit says- All that I truly need I already have within me and I am supported.

Ego says- I am different, strange.

Spirit says- Deep down we are all the same, my differences make me beautiful.

Ego says- I need to know the next step now.

Spirit says- Trust and be patient, all will be revealed in time.

Ego says- I'm scared.

Spirit says- I'm held by the Divine Source and floating in an ocean of cosmic love.

Each day I wake up my physical reality ( including my mind and body) is different but my conversations with God are often the same. Yoga practices gave me a way to begin to mindfully see past the noise in the mind to find the Spirit inside. Within is a sanctuary from the constant flux of the physical which can leave me feeling unsteady at times.

I share Yoga because I feel a calling to do so. My style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed. I offer Livestream hatha yoga 5 days a week and also have an On Demand video library. I offer classes for all experience levels. I also offer private virtual sessions. Reach out directly with questions. Details below for Thursday's live class and how to access recorded classes.


Thursday's at 10am EST join me for Virtual Vin/Yin. A 75 minute all levels. Half gentle heat building hatha/vinyasa followed by half cooling surrender yin. Livestream through Zoom.

🌟Pre-registration required

🌟Class details and full schedule found at

🌟"Livestream Classes" Tab

🌟link in bio on IG


No worries if you can't make class time- I now have an On Demand video library with all weekly classes uploaded after class ends! Visit "Video Library" tab on website. Videos can be rented individually or you can purchase a monthly subscription.


🎶 Sweet Spotify playlist offered for classes, new one created weekly to connect with theme visit "Spotify Playlist" tab on website to follow me🎶

Questions? Message


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