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Solstice Blessings Friends

✨️Feeling greatful on the shortest day/longest night of the year.

💜From start to finish this day included connecting with souls who mean so much to me.

✨️My morning was spent with children I adore.

💜Followed by breathwork and time in quite stillness with myself and the Source behind it all.

✨️My afternoon was spent in conversation and connection with friends.

💜Followed by time in quite reflection with myself and my creator.

🔥My evening I led a virtual sacred Solstice Soulhood ritual burn ceremony. 9 souls gathered with me. During the ceremony we released in community that which wasn't serving the Highest Good of us individually and collectively. We then called in intentional energy for the coming season.

💜Tonight's group intentions will enter the world with a ripple healing effect, for each individual soul and for each soul they come into contact with after. We can spread love and healing.

✨️ Know that the Winter Solstice is a perfect time to intentionally release the old and call in the new. If you haven't done so, perhaps just take a moment to journal or mindfully reflect on these things.

💜Winter also brings us the gift of the pause and invites us to slow down and go within. I hope you find some peace within the hustle and bustle and remember what is most important in this life.

✨️Solstice blessings friends.


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