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Love Soaked Yoga

✨One of the best compliments I received was this past weekend when one of my friends/students and I had a conversation and she said something like “I love your classes because you put so much love into everything you do. I’ve never been to a class that is tailored to the people who show up and I love that about your classes.”

💜It warmed my heart to be seen in this way and also was a reminder to talk about how my classes are different from other online classes! Especially if you come to the live classes! Before each class begins I talk to the students and ask them what is going on in their body and what they might like to target during session.

✨Then I weave in accessible movements tailored to who is in my class. Not all students will be able to do all the things I offer, for humans are individual and unique. In group classes I offer a few different options for the students to explore and in the end the reality is that sometimes a student might need to skip something altogether because it just doesn’t work for them.

💜After class I am then present and available again for any questions or feedback from the students. The more a student attends, the more familiar we become with one another. This will support my understanding of the student’s needs and deepen the students understanding of their own needs over time.

✨The other thing that makes my classes different from the average online class is that I sew in non-dogmatic ancient spiritual wisdom for student’s to digest as they move, breathe and care for their vessel. My classes aim to nourish the whole being: body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

💜If this sound interesting come check out a class! All details on how to join me found at

✨️First class on me with code ‘1FREE’ at check out.


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