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Kids Earth Day Post

The children are the future so set them up with a sturdy foundation rooted deep below their feet.

May you live every day as if it's Earth Day and teach your children to do the same.

Let's leave this place better than we found it- for the sake of the small souls who call this place home.

Get little ones outside in nature with their bare toesies on the ground.

Show them how to love our planet.

Teach them the importance of caring for the creatures and the land.

Live as a good example teaching respect for our wise Mother.

Watch the children gaze upon her in awe and wonder... and you do the same.

It is because of Gaia that we are here.

Live everyday as if it's Earth Day, because it is.

Without her we wouldn't be here.


Stay Tuned for upcoming Early Childhood Caregiver Support Resources

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