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If I've Learned Anything From Life

💜Good morning friends.  Here is a little mid week inspiration to brighten up your day.

✨️We all go through dark times in life. Speaking from experience,  I know,  it's through the darkness you will find the light. Those dark patches are your teachers. Dare to learn the lessons and keep moving forward with love in your heart and hope in your soul for brighter days up ahead.

💜One thing that helped me through the dark patches was spiritual community, places where I felt seen, heard and less alone. 

✨️To support the community I now facilitate virtual monthly sacred gatherings called Soulhood Circles on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  This is a place where soul's come together to hold space for one another in loving kindness and compassion. 

☮️First Soulhood Circle is on me, attend for free by using code "1FREE" at checkout. 

✨️Sharing with love & gratitude,🦋Veronica

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