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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

An amazing gathering of some of the dearest souls I have ever had the pleasure of growing, learning and transforming alongside of. Pictured here are members of the 2021 Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training graduates from YogaLife Institute. Words cannot truly express my gratitude for the magnificence of the completion of a 3 year deep dive into yoga philosophy, lifestyle principles and therapeutic application of yoga. Each of us individually applied these things in our own lives and then we raise the vibration of the world around us by bringing the yoga magic out into the collective through the individuals that we each serve. We are each so unique and yet we fit together so perfectly. What an eclectic magnificent display of cosmic love bombing through spreading ancient wisdom. Those from the class not pictured here- we love you and missed your presence. 🌟 ✨💚✨🌟

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