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Ok Universe you got me! You win once again as always. Yesterday I attempted to do my nanny thing instead of resting my foot. Welp live and learn. I am putting myself on strict rest for the next few days. Why? Because I am worth it. My being of service to the world as a yoga teacher and nanny requires a mobile Lala/Ronna/Veronica/V/Ronnie. I missed a step in the dark 3 days ago and rolled my ankle badly. I cannot deny the pain.

An injury resulting from a trauma needs time to heal before attempting to enter back into the world. When we go in half healed we aren't really ready, we are fake pale versions of ourselves- partially functional and constantly attempting to protect our wounds. This can be applied to any wound- physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual. I have had plenty of all of those types of wounds along the way, I am sure you have to. Or perhaps you are suffering at this moment as you read this. I'm here to tell you- You are worth investing in your own healing. I wish for you to put your well-being above all else because the world needs more healed people instead of broken ones.

Take time for your self-care every day in some small way. Why? Because you are worth it. It doesn't need to be a yoga class, it can be a pause to breathe, a massage, a bubble bath, a laugh with a friend, a cry with a therapist, a nap, a cat cuddle, time in nature- the list goes on and has no definitive boundaries as to what self-care and self-love looks like for you. Each day you are different, so the way you care for yourself will be different too. That's ok- release rigid beliefs and create some space within you by nourishing yourself. You are a magnificent being of light, don't dim your shine by wallowing in the darkness- rest to refuel when/as needed so that you can shine your brightest when the time is right ✨


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