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Yoga Therapy Takeaways

Yesterday and today were very special days for me, as it was the final weekend of my 2nd year of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training. I officially am a Senior with one more year to go! I can only imagine what the next year will bring when the past two have given me so much. Through the program I have met so many amazing yogis, learned from some of the most profoundly knowledgeable yoga experts I have ever met, have made life long friendships, have learned so much about myself, and have begun to understand what it means to embody yoga. What the world needs now are tools for healing and transformation, Yoga Therapy has so many! It's not an easy road or quick fix, it takes time, effort, perseverance and surrender- the work is definitely worth it. Here are some very special take aways and lessons learned so far (some from my classmates/teachers) - Trust the process of allowing your life to unfold. Release the illusion of control and learn how to go with the flow. Have resolve in the face of uncertainty. Know yourself and in turn you will know the Universe. Study, learn, practice and yoga will become you. Your mess is your message. See lessons in every single experience- ask yourself "what did I learn?" Accept where you are. Enjoy the ride. There is Divinity in each of us- all beings everywhere are Divine. Takeaway to sum it all up- the only certainty in life is change. The application of Yoga principles assists in maintaining agility in changing times. Embodiment of Yoga allows one to stay anchored in peace while resting in their Dharma or true purpose. My path is Yoga and I am so grateful. If you have questions about Yoga Therapy please reach out and lets chat about what it is.

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