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Time To Just Be

There is just something about my Thursday 1pm Vin/Yin that leaves me feeling like this 😊 It's a perfect mix of effort and ease that revitalizes the soul.

If you missed out on practicing with me this week I hope to see you virtually tomorrow morning at 9:30am for Monarch Morning Flow- an all levels class with a dash of playfulness to not take things too seriously. I also sew in yoga philosophy throughout the class in a tangible way.


Next week, 8/24-8/28, I will be taking a break from teaching and all of my virtual classes, as well as my Wednesday park class, will be canceled. I'm taking time to just be and I am really excited.

I will be back to my full schedule the week of 8/31.


Please look around on my website to learn more about me, what services I offer and how to practice with me.


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