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Sunflower Thank You

Nothing quite like a day spreading Yoga love @daltonfarmsnj Sunflower Fest.

So much gratitude for everyone who made this event possible! To the farm owners and everyone working at the farm - thank you. To the 23 new to me Yoga students that joined in on the fun- thank you! To my regular students who couldn't make it in person but were there in Spirit- I appreciate you, your energy and your support.

Saved the best for last ... to Divine Source of All Creation: I hope I did you proud in spreading your message of love, truth, peace, light, joy and wisdom. Without you there would be no us. I'm honored to be a conduit of your love and a reminder to those that need it when they need it. Everything I do is for you. Thank you for this opportunity and the vast open seas of opportunity ahead.

Oh what a day, what a gift, what a blessing.


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