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New Platform In the Works

Been working on upping my business game. Stay tuned for a new platform roll out coming at you March 1st! I am flying by the seat of my pants and have no idea what I'm doing. What an adventure! This is what happens when the least business minded yogi builds a business ๐Ÿ’–

This week's theme is Santosha- contentment- being okay with things as they are in the moment without wishing them to be different. Even the uncomfortable times are meant to teach us. More on that throughout the week.


Monday's at 6pm EST join me for Virtual Adonis Blue Flow. A 75 minute strong hatha class, familiarity with yoga recommended.

Want to practice with me but cannot make class time? Simply send payment with your email address before class start and I will send you a recorded class link that expires 24 hours after you receive it.

All class details and full weekly schedule found at

Online classes tab.

I also offer a Spotify playlist for classes.

Questions? Message


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