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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I spent much of my life not able to express who I truly was. This stemmed from a childhood of being told to be quiet and consistently having my feelings and perceptions of events invalidated by the adults around me. This led to an angry teen, a lost 20 something, and to many years of healing the effects of childhood trauma. In the end the experience gave me deep insight into the importance of how children are treated. One of the things that I do to make the world better is being a safe adult for children. I spent 13 years working in mental health with children on the autism spectrum. For 9 of those years I learned and applied with preschool aged children: Relationship Development Intervention and DIR Floortime. These types of therapeutic approaches support social/emotional connections, meet the child where they are at and build on their strengths. This approach is individualized for the child and based on the power of positive reinforcement. Doing this type of things for 9 years with children whom had severe delays in communication, social interaction, issues with sensory processing, low frustration tolerance and poor impulse control- taught me a lot about the importance of patience, persistence and playfulness. Another thing that I do to make Earth a better place is teach Yoga. I do this in such a way that I support my adult students in connecting with their inner child. My style of teaching is very much focused on promoting self love, supporting individuals to meet themselves where they are at, to release judgement, to practice patience, to be persistent and to be curious/playful about the process and practice of hatha yoga (breathing, movement, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation). I have group virtual class for everyone from beginners to more seasoned. I tie in classical yoga philosophy so students can gain deeper understanding of how Yoga was designed to nourish body, energy, senses, mind and spirit. I am also an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and offer virtual sessions. 🌟 Visit for contact and full weekly virtual schedule. The photo in the center is taken from a children's book called "Word Collector" by Peter H. Renoylds. #blissfulbutterfly #blissfulbutterflyyoga #yoga #yogatherapy #hathayoga #traumainformedyoga #selflove #selfcare #innerchild #traumarecovery #playfulness #patience #persistence #love #compassion #kindness #growth #healing #therapy #therapeutic #dirfloortime #rdi #autismspectrum #childrensbooks #childrenmatter

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