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Living Room Dance Party

For your viewing pleasure. If you have been following me this year then you know that I made many videos of myself dancing, singing, smiling and laughing to bring smiles to your faces in a time of much confusion and darkness. I tapped into my soul purpose which is to shine like a lighthouse for all to see. My job has been to stay inspired so that I could inspire. It's not an easy task to keep the soul shiny. Feeling extra bright on this new year's eve though. Tonight to celebrate 2020's departure I will be having a living room dance party. It's a fitting end for the year where I spent 80% of the time solo- just me and Spirit. This song seems to be a fitting one to sing right now. I do not own the rights. Song "This Side" by Nickle Creek. "It's foreign on this side. But it feels like I'm home again. There's no place to hide But I don't think I'm scared." Enjoy my loves! Happy New Year!


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