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It's All About the Yoga

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

No one came to class this morning. Instead of crying about it, like I did on Monday evening when no one showed up, I decided to practice for me. What a difference in mindset 5 days can bring. I was guided by Spirit this week to just always keep it about the Yoga and trust. So I was gifted with time to be with my first Yoga love this morning- Asana, just for me. This is about an hour in one minute. I'm typically on the mat planning for my students and sometimes my personal physical practice takes a hit. Well thank you Universe for giving me this opportunity to love and challenge my body and mind this morning all the while remembering my connection to the infinite. Had some Palo Santo and Sage going during practice to clear away any stale stuck energy. I also surrounded mat with crystals while playing sweet tunes. A little reminder to set the environment in your home for practice, it makes a huge difference to soothe your senses. Thank you Source for this beautiful morning where I could open the windows to hear birds and cicadas while breathing, moving and caring for my body. I am blessed. Keeping it all about the yoga.


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