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Healthy and Strong

Health Update: I must be doing something right as I haven't had severe boughts of pain since the diagnosis of an ovarian cyst/endomitrioma/endometriosis in April. I did the following- added in a natural hormone balancing tincture from an herbalist, cbd, fish oil, vitamin e, probiotics, turkey tail mushrooms, shatavri (Ayurvedic herb), cleaned up my diet, reduced coffee to maybe once every few weeks, had several distance reiki sessions, medical cannabis for pain/anxiety, castor oil packs for a month straight and healing crystals over my ovaries at bedtime. I also pictured my body absorbing the cysts and embodied health. The results- no severe pain, and a visit to a new Obgyn today who told me that as long as the pain stays away I don't need surgery. We will keep an eye on the cyst and schedule another ultrasound in 3 months. Thank you Divine Source for assisting me on my healing journey. Thank you friends and family for checking up on me. What a wild ride this life is. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am healthy. I am strong. Never underestimate the power of holistic healing.


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