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Cultivate Clarity

Yoga helps individuals connect with the part inside that sees without judgment- the witness. When you cultivate this vision things begin to become clearer over time. The why's and how's of your specific path start to make sense. Yoga isn't a quick fix, it's a journey that lasts a lifetime. Without this precious practice I wouldn't want to see what type of human I would be. My past was filled with trauma and heartbreak- however, when the magic of yoga found me it opened up a window to hope. It gave me a way to face and heal from the hurt so that I could be a better human being. In each of my classes I lend students bits of knowledge that I have picked up in my 17ish years of yoga studies, in a playful down to earth type of way. I find joy and purpose in sharing this gift with whoever shows up. If you are curious about seeing what it's all about I hope to "see" you soon in my livestream classes.


Thursday's at 1pm EST join me for Virtual Vin/Yin hosted through Live In Joy Yoga in Audubon NJ. This class is perfect for beginners and those familiar with the practice. All class details found at

online classes tab.

Email me directly with questions or if interested in a private session


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