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Blissful Butterfly Kids Intention

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The intention behind the offspring of Blissful Butterfly Yoga, Blissful Butterfly Kids, is to support creating a world where children don't have to recover from their childhoods. To do this I will soon be offering conscious and mindful parenting tips, tricks and support rooted in my 19 years of professional experience working with children.

Let's face it: raising small children is hard. Children push buttons, are illogical, have really big feelings and basically run the show. The early years leave parents with many sleepless nights which can result in not ideal responsiveness to tantrums, emotional disregulation and agressive behaviors (stemming from issues around attention, communication, control, development, sensory processing...).

If you are new to parenting or have a new child who is nothing like your others- it can make it even more challenging to know how to support the child appropriately and compassionately in the moment. This is why I want to help!