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Yin This Week

This week in my classes, in honor of what I learned this weekend in my Comprehensive Yoga Therapy training, everyone is going to get a taste of Yin. A perfect practice to tap into the strength found through surrender. Get ready folks to find some sweet softness even during active classes the yin will be sprinkled in. If you have no idea what Yin is- think yin and yang. Yang is active, yin is passive. Better way to learn- come to class! Yin is accessible for all levels and assists with downregulation of the nervous system.


Mondays at 6pm EST join me for Virtual Adonis Blue Flow. Can't make class time but still want to practice? Make payment before class start and I will send you a link to the recorded class that expires 24 hours after you receive it. Full class schedule and all details on how to join found at online classes tab. For questions message


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