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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Moment of bliss brought to you by Blissful Butterfly celebrating how much hard work I've put in to heal from childhood trauma that led to young adult emotional trauma. It's pretty messy work facing the shadow parts of the self, but worth the dive into the murky waters. Yoga helped me feel safe while exploring the darkness within, the fear of sitting still and listening was eased by learning how to regulate my nervous system and gain insight into unconscious habitual responses and to understand why everything happened the way it did from an eventual seat of wisdom. It had to happen the way it did. Only through the dark could I learn how to and the importance of shining so brightly. I now chase joy whenever possible as it feeds the spirit like no other. Yoga reminded me of my connection to to the Divine, something I instinctively knew as a child but lost in the trauma/emotions/hormones of growing up. I'm happy to be an adult healed human and am ready to keep doing my part in making this planet more conscious, loving and joyful. I have been asked by Spirit to just shine my light for all to see. So here ya go! My hopes in sharing all that I do is that it inspires you to heal from whatever it is you need to heal from, to love yourself through all of it and to be the most authentic awesome version of yourself possible. You are worth it. Yoga is transformational and provides tools for self understanding and deep healing. If interested in learning more reach out! I just finished a certification program to be a certified Yoga Therapist. My style is lighthearted, playful and trauma informed.

*Music is "Superbloom" by Misterwives I do not own the rites.

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