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Spirit Animal Hawk

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Yesterday I just so happened to catch this beauty baby Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk snacking on a squirrel outside my window. I went out to the yard, had some eye to eye time, got a bunch of fabulous shots, then they took off with their dinner. Whoa!

I have been doing some research into the spiritual meaning behind this bird of prey. What I've put together is that it's definitely a message from the Divine to see the big picture, get focused and to get ready because something big is coming.  I have been working on staying attuned to Spirit as much as possible these days.  The recent signs showing up for me have all been pretty significant ranging from animal messages,  to rainbows, to vivid dreams, to connection and interactions with other humans, especially children. 

This hawk came to me at the perfect time as next week I am taking off from teaching to get more clear with my message to help the world and focused on my personal spiritual practices during the times I typically teach. I hear the call to get ready to soar!

Catch me Livestream this week or anytime through On Demand video library. I have virtual hatha yoga classes for all levels. This week's classes are simply themed on soothing the senses and nourishing the Self- body, breath, mind and spirit.   Full schedule,  class details,  contact, all the good stuff on website link in bio.


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