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I'm Back!

Good morning my loves.

I am back! The past week I dove deep into self reflection and self care. I read Eastern Body Western Mind, one chakra per day. The collages are little snippets of my journey. I learned a lot and re-balalanced myself. My intention was to cleanse and clear all that stood in the way between myself and well....myself. I gave my heart to the Divine and in return the Spirit showed me my own shiny divinity. 🌟

It takes deep courage to travel the depths of your own soul to figure out where you are stuck. I highly recommend the trip, the lessons learned are invaluable. 🌟

On to business! All classes back on!

🌟Monday: 6pm Adonis Blue Flow, Virtual

🌟Tuesday: 9:30am Vinyasa Fun Flow through Live In Joy Yoga in Audubon NJ, Virtual

🌟Wednesday: 9:30am Spiral Flow through Spiral Essence Yoga in Haddon Township NJ, Virtual

🌟Wednesday: 7pm Sunset Yoga In Newton Lake Park, In Person

🌟Thursday: 1pm Vin/Yin through Live In Joy Yoga, Virtual

🌟Friday: 9:30am Monarch Morning Flow, Virtual


Class information for Virtual schedule found at

Yoga in the park updates given on social media each Wednesday.


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