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Finders Keepers

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

What an interesting 24 hours. I spent yesterday @touchmotherearth festival. During my time there along with synchronicities aplenty, I lost my lavendar butterfly crown. I wound up literally sleeping on Mother Earth, staying the night to attempt to find the crown in the light of day, but alas it was nowhere to be found at this very small event.

Most likely the crown was found and taken home by a new owner, with whom I hope the crown brings as much joy into their lives as it has brought me over the years. That crown typically adorns my Yoga alter and is only worn out for special occasions, it has sentimental value so the loss brought sadness. In my younger days I could see myself snaching up something that I found and liked "finders keepers" afterall.

I laughed at my karmic lesson, then today on my was home I decided to stop at Asbury Park boardwalk and beach. While standing outside of the bathrooms adjusting my things I found this matchbox car in the 2nd photo. A memorial for a little boy who died at 5 years old, who's life's purpose was to spread joy. When I picked it up, a Monarch butterfly flew directly in front of me. Wow, if thats not Spirit talking to me then I don't know what that was. The meaning is beyond words and beyond things.

Before I left the boardwalk I gave the car to a little boy after I heard him enjoy the "purple" painting on the wall. He walked by with his parents who were looking for the bathrooms, I pointed them in the direction and gave him the donut car simply to spread joy to that little human. I believe @carsoncouragecars would have appreciated that.

What a gift. Enjoy every day. Count your blessings. The most important things in life aren't things- they are love, truth, joy, connection, kindness and compassion.

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